In Altregy we combine talent, expertise and creativity to produce high impact business solutions for our clients

What we offer?

Altregy Consulting’s objective is to help our customers and business partners of different industries to improve the way they do business and help them achieve better use of information technologies; This effort can be translated into greater efficiency and strategic focus to achieve planed objectives, creating greater profitability, growth, market penetration and cost reduction, to name a few.

Our name holds the essence of what we do

Altregy comes from the conjugation of the word “Alter”, from Latin, meaning “other”, to “Alter”, “change without losing the essence” and the word: “Strategy”, “group of directed actions to achieve goals in an advantageous manner”

How do we achieved it?

Our value proposition is based mainly upon our pragmatic approach: Talent + Expertise + Creativity in order to identify the resulting alternatives of the profound understanding of the industry environment, market and operating and financial model of our clients; collaborative approach: Leadership + Teamwork to determine the right set value levers specific to each one of our clients; and our commitment approach on results: Implementation + Measuring, to ensure the achievemen of the expected business benefits to our clients.

What do we do different?

Besides our work approach, for each one of our clients, and in a personalized manner, we create a reference framework to solve our clients’ business problems, based on it’s results and performance within the industry environment in which the business is been developed. We strongly believe that each small or huge change that a company embraces, it must consider the complex interrelations between the organization, the operating processes, the technology enablement, and the business strategy, all of them defined inside of an industry environment and its market dynamics.