About Us

Altregy, offers proven talent in most recognized global consulting firms and experience in diverse industries, understanding the most significant business challenges of our clients, such as the need to pursue new horizons, to define cost improvement and efficiency initiatives, increase profits, obtain sustained growth, enter new markets, diversification, recovery and turn around strategies, just to mention a few, in order to produce high impact solutions to transform our client’s business.


To help our clients achieve better results, designing and excecuting strategic business and technology initiatives


Position our firm as reference within the industry, with regional coverage in value delivery to its clients, with sustained growth, attracting and developing exceptional human talent and highly committed with the community in which we interact.


  • Client’s interests come first 
  • Our work is based upon a fundamental premise: Client’s interests supersedes our own, and to produce and communicate recommendations even though such recommendations are not what the client would like to hear. Always in the best interest of our client’s business.

  • Absolute Integrity
  • We characterized ourselves by the profound respect to professional and personal ethics, by handling our client’s information with total condifentiality, by using their resources as efficiently as if they were ours, and by interacting with client’s personnel, at any hierarchic level, with genuine respect and humbleness. We take all the above to the personal dimension to demonstrate congruency.

  • Entrepreneurial Mentality
  • We believe that in order to better understand our client’s needs, it is necessary to think and act as business owners.

  • Collaborative Work 
  • We strongly believe that teamwork, with client’s personnel as wel las with our internal teams, will generate superior results than individual efforts.

  • Obligation to dissent
  • We respect diversity of opinions and beliefs due to the fact that in a constructive way, it will produce more solid fundaments for a better solution. Within the Firm it is not just right, it is an obligation.

  • Social and Community Responsibility
  • Every single Firm member has to share the desire to build a better social and ecological environment than the one we have received, so a portion of the time of our people is been dedicated to social work, pro-bono projects or ecological activities. It is NOT optional, it is mandatory as a part of the career plan.