Business Strategy

We help to structure or redefine strategic initiatives that represent significant improvements in the competitive position that our clients hold, applying our systematic business and its environment understanding approach in order to define and shape the main aspects and challenges that will integrate the oversearching strategy, such as: Business performance strages (startup, growth, maturity, decline, crisis), competing areas, available enablers, differentiators (processes, competencies, tools, approaches), and economic logic fro portential determination; to be able to give response to the major strategic issues of the upper managemnt.
    Example of strategic questions to solve:

     What are the available sources of value in the market that can be used  for the business growth ?

     What internal business levers should be activated to capture the available sources of value in the market ?

     What business capabilities should be developed to achieve a better sustainable competitive position in the short and long term?

     What market approach model would be better to support business growth ?

IT Strategy

Nowadays, technology has become an strategic asset and key enabler of business strategies, beyond its typical role of supporting tool to operations. Under this view, we help our customers to structure initiatives that drive the full potential of the use of technology towards the generation of value for the business.
    Example of strategic questions to solve:

    logo apuntador What  are my information needs ?

    logo apuntador What is the most adequate technology for my business ?

    logo apuntador Which is the right roadmap for my business to implement technology ?

    logo apuntador How to assure and keep aligned the IT strategy with the overarching business strategy ?

    logo apuntador How the business should exploit the maximum IT potential ?

Process Efficiency

We help our customers have a better understanding of the internal value chain and how wach process component has a positive or negative effect in current economic results, thus be able to identify and activate the right levers to achieve significant improvements in economic results.
    Example of strategic questions to solve:

    logo apuntador What are the business levers that negatively impact profitability ?

    logo apuntador What internal value chain process levers could be activated to obtain the desired profitability?

    logo apuntador What is the real pocket margin that the business generates?

    logo apuntador What is the profit contribution by client, by product/service?

    logo apuntador Which are the most profitable clients? Products/services ?

Business intelligence

We help our clients to make a more efficient use of business intelligence, transforming their data into valuable information, and then into knowledge in order to generate privileged information that will help them to optimize their decision making process. We perform the above through a series of processes: generating the process to obtain knowledge, and finally selecting the most appropriate technology sollution to enable the previously established business intelligenve strategy.
    Example of strategic questions to be solve:

    logo apuntadorAre we really taking advantage of the data annd information we generate from my business?

    logo apuntador Are we collecting relevant data?

    logo apuntador What is the most valueable informatin we need for my decision making process?

    logo apuntadorWhat advantages can I leverage from a business intelligence solution?


We help our clients to enhace the efficiency in its operations and to break through information silos that most organizations experience, by evaluating and selecting the EPR (Enterprise Resource Planning) and its funcional modules that better fits the business needs. To that end, we can evaluate and implement application platforms such as: JDEdwards, SAP, and open ERP, just to mention a few.
    Questions to be solved:

    logo apuntador Which are the key areas of my business?

    logo apuntador What information should I be extracting from this areas?

    logo apuntador Can technology help me organize the information of my business?

    logo apuntador What is the best technologic solution for my business needs?

Security and GRC

We help our clients  in defining optimized business models which are in compliance with Corporate Government guidelines, with an adequate Access Control, Risk Management and internal controls, as well as providing a constant Fraud Monitoring Prevention, using reference frameworks and best practices widely proven in Global Corportions and Small and Medium Enterprises.
    Examples of strategic questions to solve:

    logo apuntador Does the organization have overloaded, obsolete or lost resources?

    logo apuntador Could it be possible to improve the speed to respond to regulations or auditing requirements?

    logo apuntador Does the organization have a coordinated Governance, Risks and Compliance definition or is ir fragmented and by silos ?

    logo apuntador Could operations risks be minimized by a better functions segregation?