About Us


Altregy comes from the conjugation of the word “Alter”, from Latin, meaning “other”, to “Alter”, “change without losing the essence” and the word: “Strategy”, “group of directed actions to achieve goals in an advantageous manner”


With more than 65 years combined of experience in multi-national corporations and in premier consulting firms, Altregy’s founders are passionate about technology and about the value it adds to organizations. We focus on ensuring that our clients have the tools to make the best technology-related decisions, always with the bottom line in mind.


Our work is based on a fundamental premise: Client’s interests supersede our own, and to produce and communicate recommendations even though such recommendations are not what the client would like to hear. Always in the best interest of our client’s business.



We characterized ourselves by the profound respect to professional and personal ethics, by handling our client’s information with total confidentiality, by using their resources as efficiently as if they were ours, and by interacting with client’s personnel, at any hierarchic level, with genuine respect and humbleness. We take all the above to the personal dimension to demonstrate congruency.


Every single Firm member has to share the desire to build a better social and ecological environment than the one we have received, so a portion of the time of our people is been dedicated to social work, pro-bono projects or ecological activities. It is NOT optional, it is mandatory as a part of the career plan.



We strongly believe that teamwork, with client’s personnel as well as with our internal teams, will generate superior results than individual efforts.



We respect the diversity of opinions and beliefs due to the fact that in a constructive way, it will produce more solid fundaments for a better solution. Within the Firm it is not just right, it is an obligation



We believe that in order to better understand our client’s needs, it is necessary to think and act as business owners.


Our Services


Our Software Factory engages in the construction of software components as a manufacturing process with standardized tools, procedures, and metrics, at the core, we are technologists. As such, we excel at guiding our clients through any technology-related challenge they may have in their daily operation, in an upcoming migration, or simply to mitigate an obsolescence risk.


Through our vast network of SAP, JD Edwards and Oracle proven experts, we have the ability to fulfill any ERP need, short or long-term, anywhere in the world.


Leveraging our vast experience, knowledge and contacts in the region, we help our clients with tactical and strategic decisions that need to be made for an international expansion. From advice on incorporating a subsidiary, to staffing, recruiting and business development, we aim at ensuring our clients maximize their ROI.

Our Team

Ahcotecaatl Vidales Ahcotecaatl Vidales

“Ahco” Is founder and managing partner of Altregy Consulting. He has over 26 years of multinational experience throughout the Americas, the Caribbean, and Europe, developing and implementing business solutions on issues such as the definition of corporate strategies and business units, operational improvements, implementation and optimal use technology, organizational redesign and change management. Apart from experience, Ahco actively participates as a speaker in various forums and universities. He has written articles for business and technology magazines, has attended several professional education courses, as a participant and as an instructor and speaks fluent English and Portuguese. Currently, he is responsible for the Business Consulting practice.

Valdemar Cantú Valdemar Cantú

Valdemar is partner at Altregy Consulting. He has over 23 years of multinational experience in Business Consulting, Information Technology and Business Intelligence. He has developed and implemented business solutions as visibility of costs and revenues, operational improvements, business intelligence strategies, optimal use of technology, planning of international projects. Currently he is responsible for Business Development, the Technology Consulting practice and is CIO.

José Luis Berzunza José Luis Berzunza

José Luis is founder and partner of Altregy Consulting. He has over 20 years of multinational experience, developing and implementing business solutions on issues such as: Financial Analysis and visibility of costs and revenues in the value chain, operational improvements, business intelligence strategies, implementation and optimal use of the technology, organizational redesign and definition of corporate governance structures. Apart from experience, José Luis actively participates as a speaker in various forums and universities, as well as social responsibility projects, being an active member of Rotary. Currently he is responsible for New Business, Investment Funds and is CFO.

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Altregy has offices in San Antonio, Texas and Monterrey, Mexico E-mail contact request