Global ecommerce sales to reach nearly $3.46 trillion in 2019

Global Rank Retailer Web Sales Growth Country
1 Inc. 20.0% United States
2 Inc. 29.8% China
3 Sunning Commerce Group Co. Ltd. 32.3% China
4 Apple Inc. 20.0% United States
5 Walmart Inc. 38.8% United States
6 Dell Technologies Inc. 4.0% United States
7 Vipshop Holdings Ltd. 14.5% China
8 Gome Electric Appliances Holding Ltd. 14.9% China
9 Macy's Inc. 14.3% United States
10 Otto Group -0.6% Germany

We ensure the alignment of the technological strategy with the business strategy, to ensure the generation of solutions that generate competitive advantages while helping to achieve the business objectives. We evaluate and select the appropriate technological solutions for the needs and reality of your busines, ensure a succesful implementation for your ERP solution, and create the appropriate solutions to automate the generation of reliable and timely information for decision making.

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